Have you discovered A Bit Hippy yet?

May 8, 2017

A Bit Hippy
A Bit Hippy is an Australian brand (and luckily for us, it’s available in the UK!) making vegan friendly & cruelty free plant based hair and body care products.

The ethical brand offers natural alternatives and products for dry skin, skin irritations and sun damaged skin. A Bit Hippy’s aluminium-free natural deodorant, pictured here, allows you to naturally perspire, unlike many antiperspirants and deodorants which contain aluminium compounds that enter the sweat ducts and form a plug to stop perspiration. The cream deodorant is created using Citrus Oil, Rosewood Oils and Hops Extract, mixed with magnesium & water to form a cream which controls odour causing bacteria.

The full A Bit Hippy range also includes moisturiser, exfoliator, shampoo, conditioner, soap, makeup and sun care products.

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