Award-Winning SAMOL Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil

July 15, 2017

SAMOL Herbal bring you indulgent hair and skin products, that provide essential nutrients to your hair and scalp with a unique and powerful blend of luxurious herbs and cold pressed oils.
SAMOL aim to make your hair glossy, glorious and banish bad hair days! They’ve definitely achieved their aim, we’ve tried and tested SAMOL Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil and the (overnight) result is shiny, nourished hair. Many consumers are scared of hair oils, especially if they have fine lightweight hair but oils CAN be used by women (and men) with fine hair to improve their hair’s health. When used correctly, oils such as Argan, Almond, and Jojoba don’t weigh down the hair or leave a greasy residue when washed off. Still not convinced? Lottie of Lottie’s Cruelty Free Blog said ‘Have been using it (Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil) for 3 nights and so far I can already feel a difference in my hair, it’s already feeling and looking like I have a bit of added volume at the roots and for me that’s amazing.

SAMOL have an incredible back story, the oil was created as a family recipe over 100 years ago using Unani (Ancient Greek) remedies. Founders Samar and Samina worked with their relatives celebrated herbal hair oil and added new ingredients while still deriving it’s goodness from the family recipe, resulting in the SAMOL Herbal range. The Hair & Scalp oil is clinically tested, safe for skin and available in the UK. Discover the full story of SAMOL’s Heritage here.

Hair & Scalp Oil

Our ‘Midsummer Secrets‘ box includes a Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil (£7.19 for 10ml or £24.00 for 50ml), which is suitable for all hair types. To use, simply massage gently into the scalp, leave overnight and wash out the next morning. Boxes & Swatches said ‘I have never seen a product like this before and find it very intriguing‘ and Little Miss Beauty Boxes review included; ‘I tried a small amount which I left on then washed out the next day and my hair was fine and looked really shiny. It is only a small sample to use but it smelt lovely and gave me shiny hair in one go…so I may buy some more to try for myself. Verdict 8/10.’

SAMOL products are 100% pure and natural, cruelty free and free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, phthalates, fragrance and dyes. The oil has a strong scent, like most pure herbal products and the effects are noticeable after the first use. It doesn’t leave any residue in the hair and washes out easily.

If you missed our latest box, you can find yours on our website (only while stocks last!) or visit to find out more & browse the SAMOL range. To stay up to date with SAMOL Herbal’s news, follow @samolherbal on social media.

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