Native Unearthed – Natural Deodorant

July 10, 2017

Native Unearthed
The next brand in our ‘Midsummer Secrets‘ box is @nativeunearthed. Native Unearthed have launched a range of brand new natural deodorants, designed to keep you fresh and provide effective odour protection, even on your most demanding days!

The simple natural deodorants are made from high performance, kitchen based ingredients that you can trust. We’ve chosen to include the ‘Activated Charcoal‘ deodorant in Little-Known Box, created using only 7 ingredients, it’a a non-sticky, stain free pot of natural goodness.

Natural deodorant allows you to perspire while controlling odour causing bacteria, unlike many mainstream deodorants and anti-perspirants which use aluminium compounds (which aren’t natural) to plug the sweat ducts and stop your body from perspiring.

The Native Unearthed range also includes ‘Lavender & Sage‘ and ‘Coconut & Vanilla‘ scents. The little jar is the perfect size to keep in your handbag, gym or travel bag in this hot weather! The deodorant is £6.99 for 60ml.

If you missed our ‘Midsummer Secrets’ box, grab yours here (while stocks last!) and try Native Unearthed for yourself, along with 5 other fab brands.

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