The important skincare step you should never skip

July 16, 2017

A guest post from Taryn, Africology’s Skincare Expert.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin, but, as tempting as it might be to slip into bed at the end of a long day without removing your makeup and washing your face, this skincare step is just as important for your skin’s health.

Your skin is exposed to all kinds of attacks during the day. It works hard to protect itself from the sun’s rays, pollution, free radicals and temperature changes. At night, your skin repairs the damage caused by these environmental onslaughts. When asleep, blood flow to your skin increases, cell regenerate faster, pores open and your skin repairs and revitalises itself.

By not removing the day’s dirt and grime you limit your skin’s ability to renew itself. Washing your skin before bed is the essential first step of your night time skincare routine. It clears away the day’s dirt, removes excess oils that can build up and cause blemishes and stimulates blood circulation, allowing subsequent products to be better absorbed and work more effectively.

Here are some expert tips on the best way to wash your face:

Wash your hands first
Washing your face with dirty hands can result in a transfer of dirt and grime.

Double cleanse if you’ve worn make-up, a SPF product or have been exercising
The first cleanse removes make-up and superficial dirt but doesn’t sufficiently clean the skin. A second cleanse is needed to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed.

Our Hydrating Cleansing Lotion is perfect for the first cleanse. It effectively removes make-up and gently cleanses the skin. Plant extracts and oils leave your skin feeling fresh, toned and nourished.

Try our Purifying Cleansing Gel for the second cleanse. A mild, foaming gel that cleanses without dehydrating the skin. Natural cleansing and foaming agents leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. It is enriched with seaweed extract for its anti-oxidative and toning properties.
Spend a little extra time washing your face
Spend at least one to two minutes cleaning your skin. During the first cleanse, make sure you thoroughly but gently massage the skin to remove all traces of make-up, dirt and product.

Use the right technique
First Cleanse
Apply a small amount of cleanser to dry skin, massage gently over the face, neck and eye area with fingertips to loosen makeup and grime.
Rinse a re-usable muslin cloth with warm running water. Gently wipe over face, taking care not to drag the skin, to remove the product.
Thoroughly rinse the cloth to remove product and grime.

Second Cleanse
Apply a small amount of cleanser to damp skin, massage gently over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Pay special attention to areas prone to congestion; the t-zone, along the jawline, around the hairline and ears. Rinse your skin with warm water. Soak your muslin with warm running water and gently press on the skin to remove any residue cleanser. Ensure you thoroughly remove all traces of your cleanser as residue product can lead to congestion and skin irritation.

Change your muslins often
Change your cloth as regularly as possible. If you battle with blemishes, use a clean cloth every day. Otherwise, every second day should be fine. Allow your cloth to dry out properly after washing and between uses to protect against the spread of bacteria.

Use warm water
Wash your face using warm water rather than very hot or cold water. Extreme temperatures can cause irritation, strip the skin of its natural oils resulting in dryness, and even damage the small blood vessels in the skin.

Finish your evening routine by toning and applying a night cream. For best results, consider adding a serum. Read our blog on how serums can make a significant difference to the condition of your skin.

Wash your face in the morning to remove sweat, dead skin cells and natural oils produced by the skin while you sleep. One cleanse will do the trick.

Head over to Africology’s blog for more expert skincare tips, tricks and advice from Skincare Expert Taryn. 

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