What’s Inside – April ‘Live Naturally’

April 28, 2017

This months edition features a whole host of ethical, green brands for a fresh start this Spring! LKB was born so that we could support and introduce you to amazing upcoming brands and passionate founders. We are proud to feature Mount Purious and Made By Coopers in the April box. Both of these British brands come with incredible stories and were launched after & inspired by their founders’ adventures and global travels.

Made By Coopers
For the makeup lovers, there’s an on-trend lip paint from Medusa’s Makeup, in one of three colours. Medusa’s Makeup is a fun, vibrant brand creating innovative products that are also vegan & ethical. The Lip Paint retails for approx. £9.40 ($12) and we’ve chosen to feature three bright shades.

On the skincare front, you’ll find a luxurious and pure Rose Water Facial Toner. The Mount Purious Organic Skincare range features 100% pure, completely unadulterated and 100% certified organic plant oils. The range offers nutrition and moisturisation for the hair, face & body, without a single chemical or fragrance in sight.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 16.02.19
For a bath and shower that revitalises your mind and body, we’ve included a luxury body wash and organic bath salts in one of two fragrances; Vanilla Rose or Citrus Matcha. Made By Coopers is a Modern apothecary crafting organic, clean products for your skin and soul. 
Body Wash
Deodorant is a product that we all use on a daily basis but it’s often something that we don’t choose with ethics and wellness in mind. Hands up, who picks up the same brand in the supermarket every month without even considering what ingredients it’s formulated with?! A Bit Hippy offer a natural alternative to the mainstream brands. Many anti-perspirants and deodorants use aluminium compounds (which aren’t natural) that enter the sweat ducts and form a plug to stop your body from perspiring. Try a natural deodorant this month that’s better for your health and your body!

If you missed the Live Naturally box, get yours here (only while stocks last!) and discover 6 fantastic ethical brands. The Live Naturally Box is 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.

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