July 31, 2017

Merci Handy Face Mist
This gorgeous little ‘Hello Sunshine’ refreshing face mist has arrived at the perfect time, when the UK is having a heatwave! The Merci Handy face mist can be used anywhere; after the gym, on the tube, at the beach or whenever you need a quick refresh. Simply close your eyes, press the button and be enveloped in a light misty cloud.

The 30ml aerosol is a lovely portable size, ideal for keeping with your gym kit, in your travel bag or even on your desk at work (like us!)

The Merci Handy range includes hand creams, hand gels and toothpaste products – all in beautiful packaging and Made in France with love! The face mist is the perfect size to take with you on the go, available in three fragrances; Hello Sunshine, Flower Power & Chill Out.

Here’s what a few of our fave beauty bloggers are saying; 

love the bright and cheerful packaging of this refreshing facial mist spray. It smells lovely and is perfect to stick in your bag for a long day shopping, at the gym, at work or on holiday; to cool down and refresh your face. Relax, close your eyes and spritz yourself in this fab mist, for instant awakening and relief from heat!

‘I do love a refreshing face mist in the summer to help cool you down while at the beach or during a long hot dog walk, simple spray a small amount over your face for instant cooling effect. This is handy to keep in your bag for the summer, made in france there are 3 fragrances called hello sunshine, flower power and chill out. Enjoy the cool summer days made easier with a water spray…just remember to close those eyes. Verdict 9/10.’
Little Miss Beauty Boxes

Having only given this a quick spritz to test it, I can say that it has a lovely refreshing feel to it, and it leaves a slight sheen to the skin, its not a dry aresol and I have no doubt that this would be a welcome item to discover in your bag on a hot day in the office!

‘I have talked about Merci Handy on the blog before. I absolutely love their range of hand sanitizers, perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go, plus they smell incredible. The box contains a full sized Face Spray. Perfect for hotter days, beach days or days when you just need a quick freshen up. I have been using it quite a lot since I received the box, purely as it smells incredible and gives me that instant fresh faced feeling. I have Hello Sunshine but it also comes in Flower Power and Chill Out.’

Retail Price – Approx. £5.00 (€4.50)
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Shop – https://en.mercihandy.com

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