Zerreau, Towel-Off Shampoo

August 15, 2017

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo
is the ultimate festival shampoo, it’s perfect for glamping and taking with you on your travels this Summer! We’re proud to introduce you to the newest fragrance, Coconut.

The towel off shampoo foam is used by festival goers, campers, runners, sport fans and anyone who wants to get clean, silky hair on the go without using water!

To use; simply apply the foam directly to the roots, massage to lift off dirt and grease then whilst wet and soapy remove by towel drying. Zerreau allows you to wash your hair without water. Style as normal! Zerreau has been tested on all hair types, including Afro hair.

Retail Price – £3.99
Follow – @zerreau
Shop – http://dryshampoothatswet.co.uk

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