What’s in a name? Why LKB?

October 16, 2017

Little-Known Box_2
18 months after our launch, we still frequently get asked ‘why is it called Little-Known Box?‘, and we recently read a lovely review of our beauty box, that said ‘I think it’s called Little-Known because the products are unknown until you receive the box‘. Our subscribers (and the amazing bloggers we collaborate with), know all about our ethos but for those of you that aren’t familiar with LKB, we’ll fill you in!

We’re passionate about introducing our subscribers to ‘little-known’ brands, these independent brands are often emerging or upcoming. Artisan brands are hidden gems, created by passionate founders with incredible back stories (like Mount Purious and Bloomtown Botanicals), formulated using the highest quality ingredients and made with love.

They are frequently green, plant based, natural and/or organic, and we’ve featured some amazing brands that go above and beyond to be truly ethical, such as British brands PHB Ethical Beauty and Gerlinde Naturals (discover these fantastic brands in our one-off boxes).

Many of the skincare brands we include in Little-Known Box are handcrafted and luxurious (think Lucy Annabella Organics, Terre Verdi, Siskyn Skincare Oils), created with the finest natural and/or organic ingredients, that are better for our bodies and our health.

Others are fun, colourful and vibrant, offering highly-pigmented cosmetic products in unique colours, that you wouldn’t easily find on the high street. Such as; Saturated Colour, GlitterEyes, Fairypants and Medusa’s Makeup.

Any one of us can pop to our local high street and pick up mainstream beauty products from ‘well-known‘ companies. At LKB we aim to show you something different (whilst still being affordable) and help you to discover fresh, new products from ethical brands.

They’re products that you’re unlikely to of tried before, that’s why they’re ‘little-known’. This makes opening Little-Known Box a surprise and a treat! You won’t open your box and find 5-6 beauty products that you already own or that you could easily find & purchase yourself in any beauty store.

That’s why we’re called ‘Little-Known Box

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