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May 26, 2016

Medusa's Makeup - Lip GlossMedusa's Makeup Lip Gloss in Bite Me Medusa's Makeup Lip Gloss in Space Invader








Medusa’s Make-Up
Lip gloss in Bite Me or Space Invader
Full Size, 6ml

Meet Medusa’s Make-Up; a fun, vibrant and innovative brand, made in the USA. We selected Bite Me and Space Invader to add some colour and excitement to your look this season. Medusa’s Make-Up is a cruelty free brand and we love that this lip gloss is vegan friendly, making it suitable for all.

Medusa’s lip gloss is available in 12 shades with a retail price of 9USD (approx £6.25). As well as lip gloss, Medusa’s Makeup range includes; eye dust, glitter, matte pigments and lipstick, all in bright, neon and vivid colours!

Aimee Says: “Medusa’s Makeup cruelty free lip gloss is a gorgeous non sticky and buttery soft conditioner for lips that you can take from desk to dance floor. The red shade can be worn on its own to give lips a healthy rosy glow or layered on top of a red lip stain or lipstick for a 3d bold statement lip.”

Full Size – Approx £6.25 (9USD)

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