Meet: Living Pure Natural

September 17, 2019

We were excited to introduce you to two new brands last month – Flawless Professional Vegan Beauty and Living Pure Natural. We love discovering new cruelty-free companies & products here at Little-Known Box HQ… and judging from your feedback, our subscribers have enjoyed these new faces too!

Living Pure Natural are a brand who create beautifully luxurious products inspired by nature; combining science with the wisdom of traditional skincare. They use only natural ingredients in their collection; creating fragrant, gentle & effective products which are kind to people and the planet.

Eternal Collection Facial Oil Living Pure Natural Little-Known Box

We included this full-sized facial oil from their luxurious Eternal Oil Collection in our August ‘Sunkissed’ edit – and we’ve received some glowing feedback on it so far.

This LPN face oil works to nourish, repair & beautify the face – with a luxurious formula which has been enriched with potent ingredients to do so. It’s anti-oxidant, has a “shield” effect against pollution and helps reduce the signs of ageing; by infusing the skin with moisture.

Living Pure Natural‘s Eternal Collection Facial Oil boasts a beautifully lightweight finish; with the oil itself being made up of 100% natural ingredients. A high concentration of precious plant and herb oils (including bay oil, sweet almond, hazelnut, lavender and a mixture of power packed herbal oils.. as well as soothing, nourishing vitamin E & olive oil) ensures antioxidant protection and long-lasting moisture.

Have you tried yours yet? What did you think?⁣ ⁣Let us know in the comments below.

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